“I’m Sorry, We Don’t Do Sleepovers” & 4 Reasons Why Not

I agree completely with the following article. I have come to that decision that my kids just don’t do sleepovers. Night time is a very intimate time that I honestly feel should be reserved for only immediate family. There should be instant access to a rebuttal (if needed) for any topics of conversation that happen and night and definitely no room for any chance for making a bad choice because of lack of supervision at night.

Even as youth pastors, we have had lock-ins and the reason why I hate them so much is because we are on high alert, walking around the room, and we get ZERO sleep. Other adults may fall asleep intermittently but I just can’t. These kids are on my watch, I have to stay awake all the way through.

Also, if there is one thing that I hate most as a parent is finding out that someone told your child not to tell their parents about something happening. Like really? You understand you are fostering deceit in my child’s life? Nope, we are a tell all family. My kids don’t keep secrets from me. (I mean I’m sure they do here and there) but they know the rules. They can come and talk to me whenever they want. Sadly, I say I’m sure they do because people in their life have confused them here and there to say, “don’t tell your mom.” EEERRRRRG. It’s an uphill battle and we’re working on honesty. But, if you don’t want the parents to know, then it shouldn’t be happening! If it accidentally happened, the parents should STILL know! Truth is always the right path.

I’m good with saying no to certain movies, no problem, but sleepovers is a hard one. And it’s not because I lack conviction.

Source: “I’m Sorry, We Don’t Do Sleepovers” & 4 Reasons Why Not


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