FRIENDS: A lovely gift

There are those friends that you need to see ALL the time in order to maintain a relationship. I don’t really categorize this as friendship. I think that maybe they borderline between acquaintances and friends, in all honesty. True friends are those you can think about throughout your life and remember how much you care about them and are reminded of how much they care about you. Distance and time can not sever your relationship with them. You can pick up the phone or send them a message and pick up right where you left off.

I have had friends who I thought would be those types of friends for life. However, time and loss of communication isn’t what I feel has distanced us. Things simply don’t feel the same anymore. A lot of the time it has to do with maturity, this is true. Do you ever feel as though you have outgrown someone? It’s hard to stay friends with people who get stuck, when you are moving along. Now, I don’t mean this in the sense that we shouldn’t be there for eachother, but when is it too much?

We all might have that friend, the one we have prayed for, the one we have counseled, the one we desperately long to see doing better. When they just keep making the same mistakes and keep failing to heed all warning and caution signs, and most importantly when they start dragging you down… it is time to let go.

On the other hand, Friendships that last are the BEST! I love it when I can call someone up and feel encouraged and when my own words of encouragement don’t fall to the ground. It’s like a melody and a harmony, it’s just so right. One person encourages and another follows suit by being encouraged and doing well and in doing so well they are reminded of their friend and do their best to lift them up as well. It’s a constant back and forth of support and love. Because instead of having a pity party when you are stuck in a rut, it turns into a time of prayer and supplication. It turns into counsel and realization that you are not alone and someone else is just as vulnerable as you are. I am blessed to have such friends!

And on that note, I got such a lovely surprise yesterday!

I’m so excited. My friend has started a little business. She makes soaps, and lotions and healing balms. I say healing because my son is currently using one of her lotions, he has severe dryness on his hands. He loves it! She wrote me a note, which she included in the box of goodies. I am so inspired by her innovativeness. She has encouraged me to get out there and be my best and not be afraid to try something new. I love you Sofia! I’m so proud of you! Thank you for my wonderful Graduation/Christmas surprise gift.





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