Fall Closet must haves!

The smell of Pumpkin spice, The changing colors, and the quick approach of the holiday’s. Sounds like FALL, my favorite season! Like I mentioned in my last fall fashion post, us Arizonans covet the change in weather and the array of colors but we can still enjoy a bit of fall fashion. I’ve compiled a list of some fall must haves that have definitely got me wanting to shop.

First thing you absolutely must have for Fall

Knee high+ Boots

Rebecca-Minkoff-Fall-2015-Collection-Knit-Separates-Western-Hat-Pattern-Tights-Leather-Fringe-Open-Toe-Knee-High-Boots-NYFW-GlamazonsblogUntitled 6

In the Fall/Winter 2015 New York Fashion Week (NYFW), we saw an abundance of super high boots this look is super edgy. If you can’t find a high enough boot you can mimic this look with a knee-high sock. Short girls beware! a boot like this will make you look shorter! but don’t worry I have the perfect solution.

Ankle Boots

You can rock these in so many different ways. my advice is get a neutral color that will compliment any outfit. You can wear this with tights and shorts, jeans, and skirts. Both boots are a must have because they pair perfectly with every outfit, they are so easy to throw on and They complete any “Fall” look.
next must have…


Untitled 3 Rag-and-Bone-Hat-2Untitled 5

Whether it be a fedora, a medium rimmed, beanie or a riding style hat, you must have at least one. Works best with big curls, big braid or side bun.

Tons of scarves!


Oh the millions of things you can do with a scarf! There are so many different styles, textures, and designs, you can’t go wrong. Just be sure and stick to fall colors (which I’ll list below) so you don’t look to summery or springy. Also, NYFW featured Plaid prints and the best way, in my opinion, to incorporate them is a scarf. I love the Burberry style plaid print (drool).

Big glasses


Prescription or not, this is a huge trend you can wear all year. I love the way it pairs with big scarves and bold lipstick. You can even use them to add color by getting some with a burgundy or blue frame.

Tights and Socks


I mentioned earlier how knee-high socks can give the illusion of super high boots. But you can also pair socks with an ankle boot or rider boot. They will add a bit more to your average boot look. if you want to wear skirts or shorts with your boots, try pairing some lace tights or colored tights for a warmer more complete look. Tights were hot in this year’s NYFW!

There’s so many more trends and items I wish I could share with you, but for fear of making this to long I’ll make a quick list and add a fall color guide.

Fringe, lace, perfect trench/pea coat, gloves, bold lipstick, and oversized sweaters.

Untitledcolor guide

hope you are inspired! if you are share and check out my other posts! and remember

“A person’s mess is just a journey to their beautiful”



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