Hottest hair trends and hairstyles for fall!


Oh how I wish Arizona actually had a fall season with changing colors and weather! I might not be able to enjoy sweaters and boots just yet but I can definitely incorporate fall colors into fashion and beauty! so lets talk hair! There is so much you can do to your hair from color to style. Here are a few of my favorite picks for the fall season.

Lets start with color. I wish I had the guts to rock some of these gorgeous hairstyles. My very first favorite is very avant-garde, I have always wanted to do this but I fear my “mother” title will turn into “Grandmother”. but here it is my first fave.

Silver hair


so, I know this first one is crazy but it is so beautiful to my artistic eye! Think this would be a beautiful intro to fall, accentuated with deep red lipsticks or paired with the deep rich colors of fall. ugh I’m drooling.

Okay, okay, my next favorite, a bit more realistic or “safe”



What I love most about red hair is it is so versatile and anybody can pull it off as long as they find a good shade for their skin tone. There’s different variations from a natural look to a vibrant statement.


Gorgeous Melissa G.

so I think a hairstylists’s worst nightmare is a client who has dyed their hair black BUT there’s nothing prettier than bold dark black hair. I almost feel like it brings so much life and shine to your hair and I have done it more than a few times.

okay let’s get a little crazy again. this is not one of my top favorites but I still think its pretty cool.

Pastels or as I like to call it Unicorn hair

images-2images-1 images

okay so I’m seeing this on all kinds of celebrities from Kylie to Gaga. It is a very bold and bright statement and looks super fun, but the reason I shy away from it is because I would feel scared to wear any color other than black or white for fear of clashing with my hair. what a waste of a closet.

and back to reality again, this coloring’s roots go back to the ombre. If you like to play it safe and want to stick to something as close to natural but want a change I would start here.



balayage is ombre’s waaaayyyy hotter sister. It’s the same concept as ombre but with a much smoother transition and more natural blend of colors. it transitions beautifully from natural root to light highlight to dramatic highlight to a beautiful golden tone. you can go as light or as dark as you want with the highlight and it still looks amazing.

Now lets talk styles!

Fall is cooler than summer, or for us Arizonans we pretend it is, so we are free to let our hair down and not feel like we are wearing huge blankets on our heads! here are some really cute ways to style your hair for fall.


guy_tang Instagram

I saw this on guy_tang instagram and fell in love. check out his insta for major hairspiration. this hairstyle is perfect for fall. it sweeps hair out of face and brings it all back, perfect to wear a scarf with and not have so much bulk!

Big curls

The Beautiful Nicole O.

I love big hair! and if you have to use your extensions for this I won’t tell and you can keep my secret too! this such a timeless look but is perfect way to wear a big casual sweater and still feel like a million bucks.



From fishtail to heart shapes I feel like ever since the hunger games everyone has stepped their braid game up. braids are a classic look and can be worn so elegantly. you can step it up by adding a headband!



a REAL messy bun is my God-given right to be able to wear as a mother  not these “ooh look at me and my messy bun that looks perfect”. okay… im a little angry that getting the messy bun look takes me forever to achieve. but it’s so cute and for some of you it just comes naturally. this look is also perfect if you wearing a giant scarf or coat.

Fall is my favorite season! and if you can’t think of what to do with your hair rememeber these 4 “B’s”

  1. bows
  2. braids
  3. big curls
  4. buns

Hopefully you liked my picks and I would love to hear your opinion . Comment below and be sure to stay tuned for more fashion and beauty posts soon. Let me know what you want to hear from me and remember…

“a persons mess is just a journey to their beautiful.” -Emy



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