Top 10 Celebrity Fathers

footerBecoming a mother has made me appreciate the things my mom has done for me my whole life, But I know she didn’t do it alone. I remember my dad taking me for breakfast before school and buying me happy face pancakes at a beautiful restaurant by the lake called Campbell’s. My dad was pretty cool and the best dad I could ask for. I’m pretty sure the children of these Celeb dads feel the same way. let me tell you why in my top ten celebrity father’s list.

10. Will Ferrell


Can you imagine how much fun Will would be! He is hilarious. He isn’t afraid to be silly and as a parent the best feeling in the world is making your kids laugh. Imagine all the great stories Will’s kids are going to grow up with.

9. Dax Shepard


First of all, those christmas commercials when Kristen Bell was preggo were so adorable! a father who loves their child’s mother is so beautiful! oh and major points for dads that carry car seats. You never imagined such a tiny person would be so heavy to carry around.

8. Hugh jackman


Hugh has 2 adopted children and has been spotted sliding down slides, eating popsicles after a swim and always seems to be having so much fun with his kids. It’s awesome when a father can adopt a child and still give the same kind of love as a biological father. (in some cases better!)

7. Matthew McConaughey


Because He’s always wanted to be a dad!  E interview : “It’s the one thing I’ve always wanted to be,” McConaughey says of becoming a father to his three children. “Never is a man more of a man than when he is the father of a newborn…You know what’s important.

6. Will Smith


There’s nothing like the encouragement of a father. you can see in the lives of Will’s kids how much he supports and encourages everything they do. he lets them be them and they obviously picked up on his style and talent!

5. Mark Ruffalo


because this

and in spirit of Avengers that brings me to

4.  Chris Hemsworth


Okay so he’s pretty awesome as Thor but I think his role as a father surpasses his role as a super hero.

3. Justin Timberlake


They kept this pregnancy under wraps for a while but that photo of him kissing Jessica’s belly was beautiful! He is so proud to be a first time father!

2. Jimmy Fallon


Okay so Jimmy went as far as writing an awesome book called your baby’s first word will be DADA. okay so maybe its a little silly but he is constantly mentioning his daughters on his show and is so in love!

so my last father on my list may not be a celebrity but he is certainly important to his daughter and to me.

1.David Rosado


When I saw my husband with my daughter it was a whole new side of him I never knew was there. He is constantly surprising me with the love he continues to show her. in the picture above he is holding her in her favorite spot on his arm while doing schoolwork to make sure he can give her the best. He is constantly thinking of her and her future. He has amazed me and has made me fall that much more in love.

Thanks for reading! If there’s someone you think I left out feel free to comment!

Stay tuned for more fun top tens and let me know what you want to see next! and remember

“a persons mess is just a journey to their beautiful.” footer


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