Emy Beautiful mess

What do I mean by “Emy beautiful mess”? Well, my name is Emily and My life is full of wonderful, crazy, painful, ugly and very beautiful moments of love. I am 24 years old but for some reason I keep thinking and saying I’m 22. I am a wife, a mother and a child, by child I don’t literally mean a child, I actually mean I spend a lot of my time watching cartoons and asking for ice cream and candy. As a new mom I feel like I’m learning a lot about life alongside my 5 m11822380_10204308520504741_4115619702274653208_nonth old daughter. I want to share my life experiences here, as ugly or as beautiful as they may be. Which is a very scary thing for me since I have always loved to keep up appearances. But I have decided to share how perfect an imperfect life can be. in my future posts you can expect to read about my life as a new mom, how i want to debunk a lot of these old wives tales and myths about motherhood and parenting. But I also want to talk about a few of my favorite things like art, fashion and beauty. If there’s something you want me to open up about or share leave me a comment! I want your feedback!

Becoming a mom was definitely one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. I never had huge problems conceiving or with pregnancy or even with labor. the hardest part for me was once my daughter Lily was with me at home. I was at the birth of all three of my sister, Jennifer’s kids and I thought wow this is so beautiful! and BOY did she make it look easy! not only the pregnancy and labor and delivery but the parenting and being a mother! but as a naive un-married young girl who was in love with love itself, now I can see how I was so blind. I did say along with the beautiful I’d bring you the ugly so in my future posts I will talk about my experiences with breastfeeding and post-partum depression and anxiety.

these pictures say it all lol. Like I said I’d love to hear your feedback so comment below and follow our blog!

IMG_20150325_161611 received_10204341245562847footer


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