Welcome to My First Blog Post!

I am so excited to be here today! Thank you to everyone who has stopped by to read my first blog post. I will be sharing a little bit about myself and what this blog is gonna be all about.


First of all, my name is Jennifer Rosado. My husband and I are currently working as youth pastors and I am also a church secretary. I was a teacher for 4 1/2 years at a Christian Private School. I love working with youth!


I have 3 amazing children: Micah, Caleb, and Janiah. It is definitely a learning process as my oldest is already 9 years old! I am learning new things from each of them when it comes to personality. My second oldest is 7 years old and is a very technical person. He really pays attention to every single detail, sometimes to a fault, but very interesting. My daughter is the princess and she can do no wrong. Just kidding, but she is darling and does almost everything with so much love.


I am currently finishing up by bachelor’s degree in Youth Ministry. I hope to further pursue my degree in family and marriage counseling. I hope that I can be of some inspiration to all of you out there. I want to share with you my accomplishments and downfalls. Hopefully through this blog you and I can see that we are not alone in our messy journey through life. I hope to inspire you to be a better parent, a better follower of Christ, and just a better you. Not because I am better but because I too am in need of bettering myself everyday. I will also be doing a few giveaways, reviews, and random postings to hopefully amuse you for a bit. So, until my next post. I will see you guys later! Have a wonderful and blessed day! I challenge you to do something today that will make tomorrow a better day.


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