Whatever: you knew i was going to make one.

via whatever: you knew i was going to make one.

I was inspired today.

So my kids and I decided to give this whole melted-crayon-art-thing a try. Not too bad…I decided to use some broken crayons instead though instead of wasting the brand new ones, although it is a lot nicer with the wrapping still on….anywho…..
My kids really loved it!!!
It’s really fun to watch and make.
My kiddos were quite proud of their achievement. I miss them so much all day long, even though I work right upstairs from them. Although I love to teach, I always wonder if I’m doing the right thing by sending them to school and not homeschooling. But there are so many good things about this school (a christian school) that I am reassured day to day they are in the right place. I guess it’s probably just my separation anxiety kicking in every once in a while 😉 I love my kiddos!!!
Thank You to THIS BLOG for the inspiration!! =)