No one can love you like I do…

So I’ve had my eyes opened more to God’s love these past few months. Isn’t it amazing how God loves us SO UNCONDITIONALLY? I am in awe.

We as humans can be so quick to hold a grudge and so slow to let them go. I’ve had my share of let-downs, but in the end I realize- what good does it do me to hold on to that mess? SO many people hold on to things that only hurt themselves…the person that has done them wrong is long gone, living their own lives…probably even guilt free because they might not even remember or have put away what they have done (maybe even asked God for forgiveness) and yet we choose to still suffer from that moment or moments we were hurt. Like continually picking at a scab and never allowing it to heal.

God wants to heal us, help us…but he can’t do so if we constantly pick at those past hurts. God wants us to hand over our junk to him so we can be free…

There’s something I’ve learned and It’s been such an amazing gift from God……Letting GO!

Over the years it’s been easier and easier… you can choose to be a bowl or a strainer…. either holding everything (good and bad) or allowing all the bad to be strained out and learning from your circumstance and retaining the good.

Make your choice today. God wants to protect you from anymore pain! He wants you to be able to dance in the rain knowing God is your umbrella protecting you from harm. Knowing he is your just judge and will bring Justice where it’s due. Knowing that everyone is ultimately in need of HIM—yes even your wrong-doer. Learning to be sympathetic in every situation! Let Go! Release yourself in every instance and give everything up to your Father in heaven who truly loves YOU!!!!!



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