Mama Land: Revelation of God’s love.

Well, I’m here dreaming in Mama Land.
It’s so awesome…I’m a mommy now. My little baby boy. Micah. Who could ever ask for more. I realize when I look into his eyes, He’s Mine. Wow. Then I think to myself…no. God, He’s Yours.

Yep This is a life that will be there forever. Into eternity. I only pray, every night that he will follow in Christ’s steps. I think to myself…This is my child, born of my flesh. Every time I see him I smile…yes, even at those 3am feedings every night. His smile automatically makes me smile no matter what. I love him sooo much! And not only that but I know his cry. I know the cry that says “mama feed me”. I know the cry that says “mama burp me” 🙂 I know the cry that says “mama I’m sleepy” and I know the cry that says “mama CHANGE me!!!”

Now imagine, All this love I have for this one little boy. It’s nothing compared to the love God has for him, or for me, or for you. HE created you, he knows you. He knows when your hungry for what is right and what you truly need; something to fill your void. He knows when you have pain inside that needs relief (yes like the baby’s burp). He knows when you need peace. And he knows when you need CHANGE.
So if you feel like your ready to let God fill that void inside of you. If you feel like your ready to let God comfort you. If you are ready to let God give you peace of heart and of mind. IF YOU ARE READY TO LET GOD TAKE AWAY THE SIN IN YOUR LIFE AND MAKE YOU A NEW CREATION IN HIM…follow this simple plan—Easy as ABC.

A—Acknowledge you are a sinner.
B—Believe in your heart that Jesus is Lord and he died for your sins.
C—Confess your sin and REPENT (Turn away from it and don’t do it again).
Tell God everything and ask for forgiveness. He’s there. Ready for you. Just let Him take care of it.

Give your life to Him— He gave His life for you.
P.S. Sometimes my baby cries and fights sleep because he doesn’t understand that’s what he is really wanting. He just know’s that somethings not right. Don’t fight what God has for you. HE knows you best. He made you. He loves you and he has a wonderful plan for your life!


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